COLA Confidence Month

#COLAConfidence, #COLAPride 

Thank you for celebrating COLA Confidence Month with us!! We enjoyed dedicating all of August to appreciating the amazing program that COLA is and bringing back a piece of the experience to your feeds and timelines. We are excited to see how the program will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see what you all continue to do. Please continue to reach out to people from your COLA class and cohort and connect with us on our social media. Hopefully one day we can host a COLA reunion and mini-COLA day. Until then, please continue to stay healthy and safe!

Future Events

Enhancing the Alumni Experience

Although we cannot meet in-person anytime soon, we still want to host virtual events for you all to stay connected with COLA and your cohorts. We have organized many great events and we are excited to finish the year strong with even more. Our ideas are tentative, so more information will come later. Feel free to reach out to us if you have suggestions, other ideas, or would like to help organize an event. Here are our plans to enhance the alumni experience for the remainder of 2020: 


  • Update/renovate the COLA website – finally!!


  • Host a virtual movie night – any ideas for a movie?
  • Host a virtual speaking event – have a person in mind? let us know!


  • Create a new t-shirt – for anyone to purchase, but we’ll need your help.
  • Cards for Nationwide Children’s Hospital – #COLAcards, #COLAcares


  • Cards for Nationwide Children’s Hospital – we’re making it a two-month project. 
  • Virtual game night – another way to engage with each other.

What do you think?? We would love your feedback too! Message us on social media or send an email to

COLA Facilitators’ Spotlight

Andrea Summers

#FacesOfCOLA, #COLAPride 

Many of you may know Andrea Summers as one of the faces of COLA because she has been with COLA since 2016! Andrea has been a key factor in changing many of our lives through COLA. Andrea went to Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio not too far from where she grew up for her undergraduate degree and then transferred to The New School in New York City for her masters degree! 

Andrea has a passion for young people and really believes that young people are the leaders of today! She has worked with young people her whole career, first at Columbia University where she ran the youth programs in the community services center until she came to Columbus and started at COLA! Andrea also has a strong passion for social justice and hopes for a radical shift in the status quo. 

At COLA, we learn from each other and that is no different for Andrea! A few of the major things that she has learned has been how important relationships are in leadership and how connections are a major part of leadership. 

Andrea is inspired by all of you and how we are making change in our communities. She has hope in the future because of you and what you are doing to better the world! Keep up the great work everyone!