Philosophy & Culture 

More and more, high schools (public, private, and charter) do not have the resources or capacity to intentionally equip their students with leadership and self-development training. Additionally, there is little to no opportunity for high-potential Central Ohio students to connect with one another in a safe and educational space that is focused on their personal growth. COLA fills these personal development gaps and is an elite program in the Central Ohio community.

Four primary philosophies create COLA’s transformational culture:

COLA students are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they are the leaders of today.

Every COLA student is passionate and has the capability to be a prominent leader today, not just tomorrow. 
There are examples all across the world of young people leading and positively impacting the world we live in. COLA individualizes its curriculum to best develop students to be the leaders they can be today with an understanding of how to be an even greater leader tomorrow.

Leaders are not defined by a position or title; leaders are defined by the choices and positive impact they make.

COLA challenge’s student’s to not limit or evaluate their leadership based on holding a position/role in an organization, club, or sports team. COLA emphasizes the intentional hard work and ethical decision making that is required to positively impact the lives of other and the community.

Being YOU is what makes you great.

COLA has a culture that is accepting of all students no matter their interests, passions, talents, or appearance. COLA promotes authenticity and individuality.

Anyone can lead if they control their POWER.

In COLA, POWER is a loaded word that encompasses five states of being that every person can control. COLA students and alumni are expected to have control of their own POWER every day because it is then that they are able to make the greatest impact.